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Is Your Sexual Behavior Affecting Your Marriage or Relationships?
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Are you caught in a cycle of painful or unfulfilling relationships?
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Are you spending too much time browsing pornography sites?
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Do you suspect your spouse or partner has a sex or porn addiction?
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New York Center for Sexuality and Sex Addiction Treatment

NYCSAT (New York Center for Sexuality and Sex Addiction Treatment) is one of the preeminent sex addiction treatment centers in the NYC area. We offer individually tailored sex addiction therapy and counseling, in a discreet and supportive enviroment to accommodate every patients' unique needs and life circumstances.

Puja Hall LCSW NCPsyA, the founder of NYCSAT has been treating people with sexual addiction, sexual compulsivity and their loved ones for the past 20 years putting her in the forefront of specialists in this field.

At NYCSAT we skillfully treat your addictive acting-out behavior as well as address the roots of your sex, love or porn addiction.

We tailor treatment to the person’s specific needs, ensuring the highest likelihood of success. Understanding the person and their unique presentation of symptoms and issues is the single best way to ensure that treatment will target and address the presenting cluster of problems. This comprehensive treatment approach provides a deeper, more integrated healing and recovery.

Most of our clients lead highly successful professional lives, but have seen their personal lives devastated by sex addiction, internet porn addiction, compulsive masturbation, chronic infidelity, or risky sexual behaviors like hooking up with strangers using websites or smart phone apps. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you should consider reaching out to us. Read More

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How To Get Un-hooked From Porn

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