Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is the corner stone of  recovery. In this supportive environment you will develop tools to identify and resist triggers, learn to realize when you are at risk for slips and develop a relapse prevention plan. The goal is to help you gain control of your self-defeating behaviors, facilitate rebuilding trust in yourself and move towards integrity in your relationship.  In addition, the focus is on identifying and addressing the underlying issues of your sexual acting out. Together these aspects will help you build a solid foundation in recovery and to move toward healthy sexuality.


Treatment for sex addiction and porn addiction: NYCSAT offers comprehensive, individually tailored sex addiction therapy and counseling, in a confidential, discrete and supportive enviroment to accommodate every patients' unique needs and life circumstances.

We conduct a thorough assessment of each person we treat.  This provides us with key information about the origins and contributors of the behaviors, such as unmet needs, trauma, learning and attention differences, co-addictions, substance abuse, eating disorders, codependency, and/or mood disorders.

Our treatment methods are comprehensive, not based on one single method of treatment, or a single recovery program. We are highly experienced in a multitude of interventions, and we keep abreast of the latest research.

NYCSAT tailores each treatment to the person’s specific needs, ensuring the highest likelihood of success. Understanding the person and their unique presentation of symptoms and issues is the single best way to ensure that treatment will target and address the presenting cluster of problems. 

Treatmentfor for love addiction: At NYCSAT, recovery from love addiction is a process of self-discovery. It requires acknowledging and understanding the addictive nature of your behavior. Learning your triggers, risk recognition and developing a relapse prevention plan are an early focus in your individual therapy. In addition, therapy will focus on facilitating a grieving process and address the underlying emotional pain and loss that is at the core of your addiction. The NYCSAT therapist will help you identify your emotional needs and channel energy used formerly for seduction and intrigue, into self-care, family, work, and hobbies.   Developing healthy boundaries and relationship dynamics is another central issue in treatment, together with exploration of underlying issues, i.e. early childhood trauma or neglect.

An essential aspect of your treatment will be for you to learn self-care, help you develop greater self worth and a healthy sense of self. 

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