Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a vital step for any couple effected by sex addiction or sexual compulsive behavior by one or both partners.  In order for recovery and healing to occur the betrayal and broken trust needs to be addressed. Sometimes the partner/ spouse needs full disclosure in order to begin the process of truly reconnecting and to rebuild  trust. It  takes a skilled professional to assist couples navigating through the strong feelings present, and to resist the  shame / blame dynamic which often dominates a couples dialogue during early recovery. Couples need help to listen to each other, curb reactiveness and develop honest and effect communication skills.

It takes an ongoing process of couples therapy ( and individual therapy ) to deal honestly with the betrayal, to re-build trust and learn to improve communication. Over time, if couples stay together and work towards rebuilding their marriage / relationship they learn to forgive, develop vulnerability and emotional intimacy and healthy sexuality. 

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