Women Sex & Love Addicts

Many people spend years seeking help for a variety of emotional issues before the truth of their sexual and relationship problems comes to light, often with painful consequences. The good news is that sex and relationship addictions are treatable, and people can, and do, recover with specialized treatment.

Do you identify with any of the statements below?

  • Do you find yourself repeating patterns of intimacy or sexual activities that are harmful to you and/or others?
  • No matter how hard you try, you can’t find a fulfilling relationship that lasts.
  • Your sexual arousal is connected to secret, shameful, or illicit activities.
  • You can’t seem to keep sex out of your friendships.
  • Your partner/spouse is upset with you because of your sexual behavior.
  • Sex for you is connected to anger, power, and/or control.
  • You have been a victim of sexual abuse, or you suspect you have been harmed sexually in the past.
  • You often feel shame after sexual experiences.
  • You stay in a damaging relationship, or you leave but always return.
  • You hate being alone.
  • You sleep with others to feel validated.

Have you experienced any of these behaviors:

  • Preoccupation: obsessing about sex/romance, making the fantasy and pursuit of it the number one priority in life, etc.
  • Loss of Control: inability to limit or curtail sexual/romantic fantasies and behaviors, despite promises made to self and/or others
  • Adverse Consequences: failed relationships, trouble at work or in school, financial issues, declining physical and emotional health, loss of interest in other things, legal woes, etc.

If you recognize yourself in the above you might be struggling from sex and love addiction. Consider setting up a consultation to discuss treatment.

Treatment: At NYCSAT, recovery from love addiction is a process of self-discovery. It requires acknowledging and understanding the addictive nature of your behavior. Learning your triggers, risk recognition and developing a relapse prevention plan are an early focus in your individual therapy. In addition, therapy will focus on facilitating a grieving process and address the underlying emotional pain and loss that is at the core of your addiction. The NYCSAT therapist will help you identify your emotional needs and channel energy used formerly for seduction and intrigue, into self-care, family, work, and hobbies.   Developing healthy boundaries and relationship dynamics is another central issue in treatment, together with exploration of underlying issues, i.e. early childhood trauma or neglect.

An essential aspect of your treatment will be for you to learn self-care, help you develop greater self worth and a healthy sense of self. 

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