Weekend Intensives for Addicts

Many people cannot take off several weeks or a month due to family and work commitments even though they recognize the benefit of a  longer residential program.  The Weekend Intensive at NYCSAT offer you the benefit of concentrated  “time-out” to fully immerse yourself in your healing process without the need to take off weeks.

The Weekend Intensive provides a  safe and supportive environment to begin to address your struggle with sex addiction and from the beginning help you build a strong foundation for your recovery.

The Weekend Intensive is for anyone struggling with sex addiction and:

  • wants to get a head-start into their recovery
  • is in the early stages of recognizing their sexual addiction
  • is unable to maintain sobriety despite conventional therapeutic treatment
  • wishes to supplement their recovery process through an intensive treatment focus
  • realizes the need to focus on underlying trauma and issues of their sex addiction in a concentrated format  

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