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  • Are you preoccupied with sexual thoughts, impulses or desires?
  • Is your behavior creating difficulty with your partner, significant other or your spouse?
  • Is your behavior getting in the way of developing an intimate relationship?
  • Are your sexual behaviors getting in the way of work or causing financial problems?
  • Are you concerned or worried about some of your sexual behaviors?
  • Have you been unable to keep the promise (to yourself or your partner) to stop?
  • Do you feel bad about violating your own values and beliefs?

If your answer to one or more of theses questions, it is likely sex addiction or sexual compulsivity is an issue for you.

We want to emphasize, that being a sex addict does not mean you are a failure or you are bad person. It does mean that you are using sex as a way to escape and avoid dealing with difficult or unwanted feelings. But donʼt lose hope. Recovery is possible and you can get your life back. For more information and to set up a consultation call NYCSAT at 212.665.7352 to begin your path of recovery.

FOCUS The primary focus at NYCSAT is to arrest and eliminate problematic sexual behavior patterns such as sex addiction, love addiction, porn addiction and chronic infidelity for our clients. The goal is to help you regain your dignity, self-respect, and the trust of your loved ones. Here at NYCSAT, we believe that even though two people have the same diagnosis, they might require a different approach to recover from their sex addiction. Since no two psychological profiles are identical, NYCSAT tailors treatment to each client and their particular history and presented symptoms.

TREATMENT At NYCSAT we provide a comprehensive and holistic treatment approach to our clients that includes traditional sex addiction counseling ( learn about your triggers, develop tools to deal with triggers, learn to set healthy boundaries , etc ), therapy to address the roots of your sex addiction, trauma work, along with meditation techniques and other holistic modalities. We will teach you coping mechanisms to help you manage and deal with life stressors in healthy ways. All these tools are designed to help integrate the work you are doing more deeply and permanently. At NYCSAT your treatment is individually tailored depending on your needs, severity of addiction, life circumstances and co-occurring addictions to provide you with the most effective therapy in a discreet and confidential setting. We will help you regain control of your life and move toward healthy sexuality and real intimacy. You might have attended 12 step meetings regularly, or your current therapy only focuses on 12 step related recovery. You continue to relapse and donʼt achieve the success in your recovery as you have hoped. In any of these cases you might want to reach out to us.

RECOVERY Here at the Center we treat the symptoms of your sex or porn addiction through cognitive and behavioral methods, as well as identifying and addressing the underlying issues of your sexual compulsive behavior. We sensitively make use of a variety of approaches to facilitate a solid foundation for your recovery.

We offer comprehensive individualized sex addiction therapy, in a safe and supportive environment. The treatment process includes psycho-education about sex addiction, helping you learn to identify and resist triggers, recognize risk and develop your personal relapse prevention plan. You will learn to develop awareness and insight into your personality, and gain emotional understanding of the underlying issues of your sex addiction.

METHODS To achieve lasting results, a real commitment in time energy and focus is required from the sex addict. Best results are often achieved with attending one of our Weekend Intensives, followed by a combination of ongoing weekly or bi-weekly individual therapy. This can be done in conjunction with a group and or attendance of 12 step programs. However, we understand, some patients are not comfortable or ready for a group or 12 step program attendance. In this case we will develop a highly individualized treatment plan to adjust for this, and increase the individual work to continue insure a deepening of the recovery process.

HOW TO GET STARTED The first step is to make an appointment for an initial consultation where we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your life, relationship and sexual history. We will then discuss and evaluate the history, symptoms, patterns of your sex addiction and of the underlying trauma and roots. These results are carefully reviewed with the person struggling with the addiction, providing him or her with clarity as to the nature and degree of the sex addiction, as well as insight into his or her trauma history.  We will utilize all these findings to create an individualized treatment plan for you insure a focused approach to your recoveryand healing process.

For people who want an expert opinion to determine if they suffer from sex addiction NYCSAT offers assessment and consultation.

In addition to ongoing treatment for sex addicts and spouses/partners of sex addicts, the NY Center for Sex Addiction Treatment offers Recovery Weekend Intensives.

Sex Addiction Recovery Weekend Intensive:  This weekend intensive is for anyone struggling with sex addiction and:

  • wants to get a head-start into their recovery
  • is in the early stages of recognizing their sexual addiction
  • is unable to maintain sobriety despite conventional therapeutic treatment
  • wishes to supplement their recovery process through an intensive treatment focus
  • realizes the need to focus on underlying trauma and issues of their sex addiction in a concentrated format

Partner Healing Weekend Intensive:  This addresses the psychological, emotional and relational needs of spouses and partners of sex addicts. It is designed to give support, direction and information through the time of crisis. The focus of the intensive is to provide understanding, and validate the pain of partners and spouses as they struggle to cope with the impact and consequences of their partners sexual addiction or compulsivity. We provide crisis management, psycho-education, trauma intervention, coping strategies and emotional regulation. The weekend facilitates stabilizing of the crisis as well helps the healing process of the trauma inflicted by the partners sex addiction.

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