Mistaking Sex for Love

Here are some signs and symptoms:

  • Consistently choosing partners who are emotionally unavailable
  • Mistaking sexual experiences and romantic intensity for love
  • Using sex, seduction, and intrigue to “hook” or hold onto a partner
  • Using sex or romantic intensity to tolerate difficult experiences or emotions
  • Missing out on important family, career, or social experiences in order to maintain a sexual high or romantic relationship
  • An inability to leave unhealthy relationships despite repeated promises to self or others
  • Returning to previously painful relationships despite promises to self or others
  • An inability or difficulty in being alone

For a love addict or sex addict, the above signs or symptoms repeatedly lead to  heartache, and loss. Of course not everyone who can identify with one or two of the above symptoms has an addiction problem.  However, if you recognize a pattern and the same situations  seem to repeat themselves over and over,  you are potentially looking at symptoms of love addiction.

 To stop these painful cycles you should consider getting help from a therapist experienced in sex and love addiction.  Call NYCSAT to set up a confidential consultation for an in-depth assessment or to seek specialized treatment.

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