Unsafe Sexual Practices

The Oxford Dictionary describes unsafe sex as any sexual activity in which precautions are not taken to reduce the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS. In addition,engaging in unprotected sex can lead to life-changing events like an unwanted pregnancy.

Despite the tremendous amount of information available about sexually transmitted diseases, many women and men don't use protection -- even for one-night stands. Some people are very carefree about their sexual experiences. Some give as an  excuse why they don’t use condoms  'I was drunk', others just don't seem to care. 

It goes without saying, it is a matter of self-care to use protection when having sex  with strangers  and casual acquaintances, after all better safe that sorry. 

Here is an intersting video by Dr. Drew on the spike of STDs:

Some people who regularly engage in unprotected sex and other unsafe sexual practices might be struggling with a bigger issue, namely  that of sex addiction or love addiction.  

If you are concerned that your unsafe sex feels compulsive or is part of an addiction, please read the information provided by NYCSAT  on sex addiction and love addiction. You might also want to consider calling NYCSAT to setup a consultation for an in depth assessment with a sex addiction specialist.

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