For many sex addicts frequenting prostitutes and “sensual” massage parlors is part of their sexual acting out. Over time it usually escalates in frequency, time and money spent. If you are a sex addict you might relate and recognize the below listed comments often made by people struggling with sex addiction to justify the behavior and money spent:

“At least I’m not having an affair.”

“I don’t get enough sex at home.”

“It’s just something guys do and women don’t understand.”

“This is how I blow off steam and get my needs met while staying in my relationship/marriage.”

The number one justification for seeing prostitutes is, of course, “What my wife doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

In addition to possibly infecting your partner with a STD, visiting prostitutes places you at risk of getting arrested which can lead to potential public humiliation or even loss of a professional career due to the arrest. 

Some people who frequent prostitutes regularly become addicted to this type of acting out behavior. Once that happens the person usually establishes a double life of secrecy and indiscretion. 

For those addicted to visiting prostitutes the loss of relationship, contracting a disease, or an arrest is often what finally brings them into treatment and seek the help they need. 

Treatment at NYCSAT:

Effective treatment for this type of sex addiction depends to a large part on motivation and commitment to the therapy process. The first step is usually to eliminate or greatly reduce the acting out behavior, learn to identify triggers, develop a solid relapse prevention plan and then address the underlying issues.  These might be issues such as underlying trauma, issues related to early childhood and / or eslf esteem. An important aspect of treatment is helping the client get in touch with his / her own emotional needs. He/she then needs to learn effective ways to get these needs met in healthy non-sexualized and intimate ways.

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