Mens' Sexual Addiction Screening Test

Mens' Sex Addiction Screening Test


Does your significant other complain about your sexual behavior?

Do you have trouble stopping your sexual behavior when you know it is inappropriate or potentially dangerous to your health?

Do you keep the extent or nature of your sexual activities hidden from your partner/spouse?

Have you ever had sex with someone just because you were feeling aroused and later felt ashamed or regretted it?

Has your involvement with pornography, phone sex, etc. become more important to you than intimate contacts with your partner or spouse?

Have you ever missed events with family or friends due to watching porn or engaging in other sexual activity?

Do you look forward to events with friends or family being over so you can watch pornography or engage in other sexual behavior?

Do you believe that pornography, anonymous or casual sex has kept you from having long term intimate relationships?

Do you have trouble maintaining intimate relationships once the "sexual newness" of the person has worn off?

Has anyone ever been emotionally hurt by events related to your sexual behavior, i.e. lying to partner or friends, not showing up for an event or appointment?

Have you ever been charged, arrested by the police,. due to sexual activity in a public place?

Have you ever been sexual with a minor?

Do you visit sex clubs, brothels or strip joints as a regular part of your sexual activity?

Have you made repeated promises to yourself to change some form of your sexual activity only to break them later?

Have your sexual activities interfered with some aspect of your professional or personal life, e.g. unable to perform at work, loss of relationship?

Have you ever paid for sex?

Do you repeatedly neglect family, friends and work in order to maintain a sexual romantic relationship or engage in other sexual behavior?

Have you ever potentially exposed a loved-one or spouse to a sexually transmitted disease and not told them about it?

Do you often find yourself preoccupied with sexual thoughts?

Are you constantly seeking a new sexual partner or new romance?

Have you had certain kinds of sex or had sex with certain people that later disgusted you when you thought back on it?

Has your involvement with porn, online hook-ups, sex and dating websites, cruising social networks for sex etc., become greater than your intimate contacts with romantic partners?

Have you on multiple occasions kept hidden or lied about money that you spent on having sex?

Have you been sexual abused or neglected as a child?

Have you engaged in repeated experiences of unsafe or “risky” sex even though you knew it could cause you harm?

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